ITA College Tennis

When you appear for an ITA match in January and for the entire season, you will need your ITA Membership ID #.

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College Tennis is governed by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA):

For a current pdf copy of the ITA Official Rulebook, click here:

The online portal for all ITA interaction is zebraweb and here is a link:

University of Wyoming, University of Colorado and the Air Force Academy use Daktronics scoring devices. The hand-held controllers which the chair umpires use can be tricky. Air Force Academy has also installed Daktronics score boards for 2017.

For a good guide to using the controller, review this document:

When you arrive for an ITA match during the 2017-18 season, you will need to provide the Referee with your ID # verifying that you are currently certified. You will find it on zebraweb:  Log-in and click on the Zebra-Secretary Console; click on the Administration drop-down on the upper-right tab;  go to My Profile; half-way down your Profile on the left side, you will find Membership ID Number:   2017-18-ITA-XXXX. These last four numbers are your individual ID.

Anyone who is interested in becoming an ITA Official should contact a Board Member. Interested persons must have a current USTA certification of at least Provisional Umpire or above, which is reflected in NUCULA. Training and certification to become an ITA Official consists of taking an open book test and attending an interactive webinar, taught by a live instructor. Additionally, there is an annual membership fee payable to the ITA.

Once ITA certification has been secured, a prospect needs to complete a series of CTUA requirements in order to be assigned to ITA events in Colorado. Along with successfully passing a chair umpire school run by CTUA, you will need to be mentored at a series of college matches with experienced ITA Officials. Also, a series of summer and fall college invitationals take place at AFA, CU, CSU, UW and Metro State. These are roving assignments where you can become better experienced in applying college rules.

The official uniform for college events sponsored by the ITA is:

  • Authorized grey ITA logo shirt, tucked in.
  • Khaki pants or shorts, clean and unwrinkled. NO capris, cargo shorts or skorts.
  • Solid khaki or plain brown belt. NO other colors or designs.
  • Predominantly white socks.
  • Non-Marking Sports/Athletic Shoes (not predominantly bright or neon colored)
  • ITA while logo hat with “Official” on it.

As a reminder, these uniforms will be mandatory at all ITA events, including dual matches, effective September 1, 2017. The only exceptions will be at events where a uniform is provided for all officials or when a conference has their own uniform. Local umpiring organization and/or sectional uniforms will not be allowed after September 1, 2017.

To order ITA authorized uniform items, go here: and scroll all the way to the bottom. In the footer under customer support, you will see “ITA” listed. Click on “ITA” and then click on “Officials” to access the uniforms.