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CTUA utilizes the Umpire Matching Program (UMP) to schedule assignments throughout the year.  UMP is designed as a portal to announce and create Invitations to officials to work Events.  The system will allow you to search for and locate events needing officials, get detailed information about the events, Apply to work event(s) for which you have received invitations and be Assigned to work events –  ALL ONLINE .

An Invitation is not required to find events and apply to work them, unless an event is Invitation Only.  Likewise, an Invitation is NOT an Assignment, but rather a request for you to Apply to work an event, and indicate your Availability for that specific event.

Event assignment is a simple 4-step process:

  1. An INVITATIONto an event is sent to you.
  2. You APPLYor decline the Invitation to work the event.
  3. You are ASSIGNED(or not) to the event.
  4. You ACCEPTor decline the event assignment.

You will be prompted through each step with an e-mail generated by UMP by the Event Coordinator. Detailed instructions for UMP are available via e-mail to members. Event Coordinators (schedulers) use the following criteria for how officials are chosen for assignments:

  1. Request of Tournament Director (which can include the request to reduce mileage charges by using local officials)
  2. Competence
  3. Availability

If you cannot work an assignment you have accepted: Once you have accepted an assignment, it is yours to honor and work. If something changes and you find you cannot honor your work assignment, it is your responsibility to find your replacement. If after many good-faith attempts   to find a replacement you are unsuccessful, you may contact the Event Coordinator who scheduled you and ask him/her for suggestions of officials to contact. It is not the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to find your replacement!

College/ITA Event Coordinators

Event Coordinator
Air Force Academy Tom Conter
Colorado State University Joel Larner
University of Colorado Barry Riddle
University of Northern Colorado Joel Larner
University of Wyoming Joel Larner

USTA, CTA & Special Event Coordinators

Event Coordinator
Adult Tournaments Denver Metro Patti Bowman
High School (ex. SO-CO) & Special Olympics Sandy Zimmerman
USTA & CTA Championships Karla Simons
Junior Tournaments Denver Metro Deb Weinstein
Boulder/North Denver Metro Brett Haberstick
Northern Colorado Joel Larner
Southern Colorado Tom Conter

The Colorado Tennis Umpires Association is a clearing house, not an employer. We do not withhold taxes, nor do we pay our officials until we receive payment from the school or tournament that have used our officials. We do not retain any of your earnings. What we bill is exactly the amount you will receive. Please follow the steps below to ensure timely payment for your services. You should report your work within 24 hours of a match/assignment completion.

College/ITA Matches:

After you have completed an assignment, report the following to the referee:

  • the day and date of your assignment,
  • the exact round-trip mileage from your home to the event site, and
  • the name of the match and the position you worked (referee, umpire, chair, rover).

The referee then forwards summary work reports to the ITA Event Coordinator. Once the Treasurer receives all information, an invoice is submitted to the college. When payment is received, checks are then written and mailed to officials.

USTA and CTA Events:

After you have completed an assignment, report your work information via email to the person who scheduled you—the Event Coordinator. Provide the following information to the Event Coordinator:

  • the day and date(s) of your assignment,
  • the exact round-trip mileage from your home to the event site,
  • the name of the event,
  • the time you started each day,
  • the time you ended each day, and
  • the position you worked (roving umpire or chair).

When everyone who worked the event has reported, an invoice is prepared by the Treasurer and submitted for payment. When payment is received, direct deposits are made to the official’s bank account.

Some payments are received sooner than others. Please expect at least a month from the time we mail the invoice before you receive your direct deposit.

If you have questions at any time about payment, please feel free to contact our Treasurer, Pat Zuraski, for assistance.

The Colorado Tennis Umpires Association annually publishes our fee schedule which lists all of our rates, and the professional principles that guide our work for our customers. Our schedulers distribute the fee schedule to all of the tournament directors that they work with. Click the button to get our current fee schedule:

Nucula has been designed by the USTA to manage roving, line and chair umpire assignments to tournaments, umpire certifications, and umpire evaluations. Nucula manages the entire assignment process from umpire application, through umpire selection and work record generation and maintenance.

This Guide gives you a general overview of the system:

Some illustrated user guides are available here:

It is always a good idea to complete a New Work Record in Nucula right after reporting the event to be paid. Your cumulative Work Record in Nucula is the basis for assigning of your new certifications each year.

CTUA schedules member officials to work events and serves as a conduit for them to be paid after an event has been completed.  These are benefits that are derived from being a member of the organization.  It is to be understood, however, that each official performs his/her duties as an independent contractor.  As such, neither CTUA, nor the entities associated with conducting an event, provide any type of insurance coverage pertaining to liability or medical issues.  These are solely the responsibility of each individual umpire.


What if you are sued because of a call you made in a game?  What if one of your officials sues you because you did not give that official any assignments? Most insurance won’t cover you because no bodily injury or property damage was involved — but NASO insurance does.

When you join, you’re welcome to share your ideas, practice your skills, and network with colleagues. You won’t find that anywhere else. Typical dues are about $100 annually.

About NASO. The National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit educational association providing services and benefits for sports officials. For more than 30 years, NASO has been an innovator in developing benefits for sports officials. It was the first organization to provide officiating liability insurance protection and remains the leader in developing and promoting educational materials and personal benefits for sports officials.

Today more than 20,000 officials, representing virtually every sport at every level of play, are receiving the  benefits of NASO membership.

Key Benefits of NASO Membership:

  • Sports Officials Security Program (SOS)
  • Member Information and Consultation Program (MICP)
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  • Monthly members-only edition of Referee magazine
  • Monthly It’s Official NASO newsletter
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  • Relocation services
  • Tax Deductible! NASO dues are fully deductible from your officiating income.
  • Visit to find out more about this organization.

Free Publications:

NASO has a number of free publications across the many topics of officiating.  Two excellent highly recommended publications that all tennis officials should read are noted below.  Click on each image then simply provide your name and email address and you’ll receive a link to download a PDF copy of each publication.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Managing Coaches, Players, & Fans – Excellent insights and recommendations

  • 18 Tips for Beginning Officials – Don’t let the title fool you, this is for everyone including the most seasoned officials

The CTUA Match Feedback Form is generated by any CTUA official, tournament director, player or spectator during a tennis event where fans become unruly towards a player or official, players or spectators interfere with the duties of the official, or the actions or rulings of an official or the tournament director are questioned. Please complete this report before the end of the tournament, give it to the tournament site director who should forward it to the main tournament director. Send the completed form to the President, CTUA.