Want to Become a Tennis Official in Colorado?

If the answer is yes, we would like to hear from you. Or if you would like to talk through the merits or the process, we would like to hear from you. Your contact through the process is a CTUA Board Member, Tom Conter- please fill out the form below to get in touch!

How Long Does the Process Take?

While the entire process can take as little as one month, two months is a safer timeframe. Also, our first tournament of the year where mentoring can take place is in April.  Mentoring can be arranged through September, so if you are starting the process outside of the March-September period, you could face a lengthy timeframe.

Steps in the Process

Here are all of the steps in the process to become a Provisional Tennis Umpire in Colorado. To learn more about this list of steps, hit the Go to button at the bottom.

  1. Become a USTA member
  2. Get a current copy of Friend at Court
  3. Complete the Safe Play online course module
  4. Complete a criminal background check
  5. Complete the USTA online training and education courses
  6. Complete the USTA Provisional Umpire Test
  7. Complete the USTA Vision Form
  8. Become a member of the Colorado Tennis Umpires Association
  9. Purchase a USTA uniform
  10. Acquire the materials and prepare for mentoring
  11. First mentoring assignment
  12. Second mentoring assignment
  13. Become designated as a USTA Provisional Umpire
  14. Get entered into the UMP event assignment system
  15. Get entered into the NUCULA reporting and certification online portal

Ready to Get Started?

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