CTUA Operating Procedures

Bylaws As Restated November 2, 2014, after Member Approval at 2014 Annual Member’s Meeting on November 1, 2014

Rules Adopted by the Board of Directors on January 26, 2011

CTUA Standards of Conduct Adopted by the Board of Directors on March 22, 2017.


Through committees we have the opportunity to capture the expertise of members who may not be able to attend monthly Board meetings. By involving more of our members, much more knowledge is shared and new ideas are brought to light.

The time commitment is not necessarily significant. Much of the work can be done by email or by phone conversations. If you would like to be a member of one of these committees or want to find out more information about a committee, please contact a Board member.

We hope that you will volunteer for one of these committees this year. We value your opinions and hope to enhance our organization with your knowledge and suggestions.

Procedures & Review Committee


Pat Zuraski, Jackie Jones, Barry Riddle, Deborah Weinstein, Patti Bowman


The committee consists of at least three members — two Board members and one or more general members.


To hear questions or complaints arising from:

  1. Misconduct, to include but not limited to lateness to an assignment, no-show, or requesting additional compensation (financial or property) from a tournament;
  2. An official’s interpretation of rules or procedures; or
  3. Violations of CTUA’s Bylaws and/or Rules, or other actions detrimental to CTUA or tennis officiating.


To insure that CTUA officials abide by USTA and CTUA rules and regulations.  


Questions or complaints about an official may be made in writing or verbally to a member of the committee. Questions regarding rules interpretation or procedures can be made at any time after an event. Allegations of official misconduct should be made within three days after the end of an event. Following a fact-finding investigation conducted by the committee, the committee shall notify the Board of its findings. Subsequently, a letter will be sent to the official regarding the situation. The official will have seven days to respond. The committee may rule that the situation as described in the letter is factual if the official fails to respond within seven days. The committee will meet in person or by telephone or by email within three days of the response. If the committee needs additional information it will be gathered within seven days of the response.


If the committee determines a mistake has been made in a rule or procedure it may correct the mistake by:

  1. Sending a letter to the official with the correct rule or procedure;
  2. Requiring the official to cite the rule or procedure from Friend at Court (FAC); and/or
  3. Requiring the official to be re-mentored before his/her next assignment.

If the committee determines that misconduct has taken place, it may recommend to the Board the following penalties:

  1. Letter of reprimand be sent to the Official;
  2. Suspension  of CTUA membership; and/or
  3. Other penalties as the Committee sees fit.


An official may not appeal a decision made by the committee involving rules and regulations. A member may appeal penalties involving misconduct through procedures described in the Bylaws of CTUA.

Scheduling Committee


Pat Zuraski, Brett Haberstick, Barry Riddle, Patti Bowman, Joel Larner, Karla Simons, Don Willsie


The scheduling committee consists of at least three members — the primary Colorado scheduler, the Southern Colorado scheduler, and a member of the CTUA Board.


To provide members with timely information regarding potential umpiring assignments. Also, assuring CTUA clients have adequate resources [referees/umpires] necessary to  have a successful tennis event.


  1. Coordinate with colleges, tournament directors, clubs, etc. to assign umpires to their events
  2. Coordinate with Board Members and District Umpires in scheduling training classes.
  3. Develop a system ensuring umpires meet their assigned duties.
  4. Coordinate with Board in determining dates for the Annual Meeting and other special events.
  5. Provide members with tournament and college schedules in a timely manner so that they have an opportunity to plan their time accordingly.
  6. Ensure referees and umpires meet the requirements expected by our customers.
  7. Coordinate with District Chair and Board Members in setting dates for the annual meeting, line and chair schools, and certification schools.

Training Committee


Jackie Jones, Tom Conter, Karla Simons, Barry Riddle, Joel Larner, Deborah Weinstein, Pat Zuraski


The Training Committee consists of at least three members — the District Training Chair, a CTUA Mentor, and a member of the CTUA Board.  Additional members are added as needed.


  1. Schedule and coordinate mentoring assignments and other training sessions for the CTUA.
  2. Select and train Mentors for training new CTUA members.
  3. Recruit new officials.


To improve the quality and consistency of officiating throughout CTUA.


  1. Meet at an appropriate date to schedule and develop an annual training calendar.
  2. Develop a recruiting plan to find potential new officials.
  3. Select and train mentors.
  4. Review training and mentoring procedures.
  5. Develop and administer evaluation tools for roving officials and mentors.

Bylaws Review Committee


Pat Zuraski, Tom Conter, +1 Vacancy


The committee has three members — a Board member and two general members. The committee makes every effort to include a representative cross section of CTUA membership.


To review and recommend to the Board of Directors changes to the Bylaws.


The Bylaws are a living document that should be reviewed by a representative group of CTUA members to ensure that its intent may be understood by all members. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Amend and clarify Bylaws to reduce potential confusion concerning policies and procedures.
  2. Insure Bylaws reflect current organizational philosophy.


  1. CTUA convenes the Bylaws Committee annually a minimum of four (4) months before the election of new Board members.
  2. The Committee will chose a spokesperson and recorder.
  3. The Committee will present their recommendations to the Board at least two months prior to the Annual Meeting.
  4. The Board has until the next Board meeting to review and amend the recommendation of the committee.
  5. If a vote of the membership is required, it will be held at the Annual Meeting.
  6. The updated Bylaws will be distributed at the annual USTA certification schools.

Ade Butler Committee


Past awardees


This committee consists of three members: the three most recent living recipients of the Award who are currently members. This committee meets annually and submits its recommendation to the Board in time for the Board meeting that immediately precedes the Annual Meeting.


To recognize annually an outstanding member of the CTUA who has given service to the organization and worked to help maintain and improve the CTUA’s function and its standing in the community.

The selection committee chooses the CTUA Official who best meets the following criteria:

  1. Is a CTUA member in good standing;
  2. Is or has been a member of the CTUA for at least five years;
  3. Has made significant contributions to the CTUA and tennis officiating

Past recipients of the Ade Butler Award have been:

2000 Ade Butler 2001 Bruce Avery 2002 John Suter 2003 Ned Cooney
2004 Kim Pappas 2005 Susan Hommel 2006 Don Willsie 2007 Ned Cooney
2008 Patti Bowman 2009 Pat Zuraski 2010 Randy Brame 2011 Jackie Jones
2012 Mark Williams 2013      ?? 2014 Karla Simons 2015 Deb Weinstein


Board of Directors and Their Terms

The CTUA Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting held in the Fall of each year. Terms are for two years and defined as the year in which the election is held, until the annual meeting two years thereafter. Alternate numbers of three or four directors are elected each year. Nominees with the largest number of votes are elected to the board.


Board of Directors

Board Member Name Term or Opening
President Chuck Jones 10/30/2016-Annual Meeting Nov 2018
Vice President Thomas Conter  11/1/2015-Annual Meeting Nov 2017
Secretary Jackie Jones 10/29/2017-Annual Meeting Nov 2019
Treasurer Patrick Zuraski 10/30/2016-Annual Meeting Nov 2018
Member at Large Howard McGee 10/30/2016-Annual Meeting Nov 2018
Member at Large Joel Larner 10/29/2017-Annual Meeting Nov 2019
Member at Large Jon Messick 10/29/2017-Annual Meeting Nov 2019

Ade Butler Award

The Ade Butler Award annually recognizes an outstanding member of the CTUA who has given service to the organization and worked to help maintain and improve the CTUA’s function and its standing in the community.


Past Recipients

2000: Ade Butler
2001: Bruce Avery
2002: John Suter
2003: Ned Cooney
2004: Kim Pappas
2005: Susan Hommel
2006: Don Willsie
2007: Ned Cooney
2008: Patti Bowman
2009: Pat Zuraski
2010: Randy Brame
2011: Jackie Jones
2012: Mark Williams
2013: Karla Simons
2014: Barry Riddle
2015: Deborah Weinstein
2016: <not awarded>
2017: Joel Larner