About Colorado Tennis Umpires Association (CTUA)

The Colorado Tennis Umpires Association (CTUA), Inc., recognized by USTA Colorado, is devoted to serving the Colorado tennis community by applying and enforcing the United States Tennis Association (USTA) rules of tennis for the enjoyment of its patrons (sponsors, players and spectators) by:

1. Encouraging and improving fair and impartial tennis officiating.

2. Training and certifying members in accordance with USTA and ITA standards and procedures.

3. Seeking adherence to the CTUA Standard of Conduct and reinforcing consistent officiating at all of our events.

We hope this website will help you learn more about our organization. We have three goals. Our first goal is to keep you informed about your organization. Second, we want to hear your ideas. We have formed committees that we will involve more of our members and help us continue to grow and improve as an organization. Feel free to ask anyone on the Board if you have any questions. Third, by getting your feedback, we strive to protect the interests of the Association’s members.

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